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The Valley - Concert for Organ, Voice, and Live Electronics

Launch Event of the CSWN's 'The Valley' project

Pam Hulme (Organ + Electronics), Jo Kennedy (Live Electronics), Alison Cooper (Voice Guitar, Synths). Bach, Buxtehude, new works and improvisations by three Calderdale Sound Women Network artists. Presented In collaboration with the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and the Yorkshire Sound Women Network (YSWN). Launch Event of ‘The Valley’: a Calderdale Sound Women Network project supporting new music by women in the Calder Valley. 

10. Juni 2019, 18:00 – 19:00 Epiphanienkirche Berlin

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Britische Organistin und Komponistin Pam Hulme spielt Barock- und Neue-Musik für Orgel, und Orgel+Elektronik.

Sommermusik #2 - Die Solist*innen

Pfingstkirche Berlin

Brieann Pasko (Soprano)& Pam Hulme (Organ / Live Electronics)

Luca PIntus (Live Electronics) & Johannes Erlingsson (Mandolin / Live Electronics)

Sommermusik #1 - Die Klänge

Pfingstkirche Berlin

Pam Hulme (Organ / Live Electronics) & Stephan Winter from Slowdown (Synthesiser / Live Electronics)

Meditation zur Stille am Karfreitag

Pfingstkirche, Berlin

Organ works by Boehm, Bach, and Brahms, plus improvisations for organ+electronics performed by Pam Hulme. 

Ewigkeitssonntag - Gottesdienst mit Orgel+Elektronik

Sophienkirche Berlin

Performance by Pam Hulme as part of the 10.00 Gottesdienst of her Chorale Suite for Organ & Live-Looping on 'Es ist gewisslich an der Zeit', plus 'Lebensmuster'. 


Friedhofskapelle der Auferstehungsgemeinde, Berlin

Pam Hulme performs a meditation on 'Wer nun den lieben Gott lässt walten'  with organ works by J.S. Bach, Dietrich Buxtehude and Max Reger, plus two pieces for Organ and Live-Electronics by Pam Hulme: a Chorale Suite on t'Wer nun den lieben Gott lässt walten' for Organ and Live-Looping, and 'Lebensmuster'. 

Kinderchor mal anders 3.0

Pfingstkirche Berlin

Performance during 10.00 Gottesdienst of 'Kinderchor mal anders' project III, presenting collaborative work carried out during workshops (Sep-Nov, 2018). 18. November falls within 'Friedensdekade' week, whose theme this year is 'Krieg 3.0'; finding glimmers of natural beauty amongst the increasingly automated, technological world. 'Kinderchor mal anders' have explored this topic through the music of others, and by creating their own music using voice and music technology, working mainly with Ableton Live software.

Lebensmuster - Performance im Gottesdienst (Konfi-Orchester Projekt)

Golgothakirche, Berlin-Mitte

Performance during the 10.00 Gottesdienst as part of the Konfi-Orchester Projektwochenende. Led by Pam Hulme, a group of young instrumentalists present their music around the theme of: 'Lebensmuster' (Life-Patterns). During workshops the group explored patterns in music from the Baroque period and contemporary looping-culture; performing, improvising, and composing music together using acoustic instruments and electronics.

Helden - Gottesdienst mit Orgel+Elektronik

Pfingstkirche Berlin

Performance during the 10.00 Gottesdienst, exploring the theme of 'Heroes'. When asked who are heroes are, do we filter the truth? Do we make sure that the heroes we name are in line with our contemporary image of ourselves, our values, our cultural footprint? In this improvisation, Pam Hulme will use organ, sampling, and live electronics to explore the 'guilty pleasures' aspect of heroes, acknowledging the truth that sometimes our heroes find us, rather than the other way round.

Urban Organ Festival Concert

Pfingstkirche, Berlin

Concert for organ+electronics featuring artists in residence Mohan Dhar (voice), and Okami (beatboxing; AKA Connor Andrews). New works which were collaboratively developed during the festival, plus urban-organ remixes of J.S. Bach and Dietrich Buxtehude.  

Meditation zur Stille (Karfreitag / Good Friday)

Pfingstkirche, Berlin

Bach, Hindemith, acoustic compositions and improvisations for organ, and organ+electronics performed by Pam Hulme. 

Helden sind Alle!

Pfingstkirche, Berlin

Final performance of 'Kinderchor mal anders' project I, including choral pieces by J.S. Bach and Coldplay, plus 'Helden sind Alle'; a song the group composed collaboratively and recorded throughout the project using Ableton Live.     

Reformationstag: Gottesdienst mit Orgel+Elektronik

Pfingstkirche Berlin

Chorale Suite for Organ & Live-Looping on 'Ein feste Burg' performed by Pam Hulme in celebration of Reformation Day.  

Konzert: Orgel, Stimme, Elektronik

Pfingstkirche Berlin

KonFestival Berlin

Urban Organ Workshops

An introduction to the organ like no other... exploring use of looping from Buxtehude through to Ed Sheeran, then creating our own music for Organ and RC-505 Loop Station. For Konfirmanden from across Berlin as part of Berlin Konfestival 2017.

Golgothakirche, Berlin-Mitte

Im Mittelpunkt des so genannten „Urban-Organ-Gottesdienstes“ stehen Bearbeitungen des Gesangbuchliedes "Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern" und die Erzählung der Weisen aus dem Morgenland im zweiten Kapitel des Matthäusevangeliums. Die britische Organistin und Komponistin Pam Hulme entwickelt ausgehend von dem klassischen Stoff durch den Einsatz von elektronischen Schleifen, so genannten loops, einen neuen, ungewohnten Zugang zu dem Thema. Hulme verfremdet das Gewohnte und macht es so neu hörbar.

Sophienkirche, Berlin-Mitte

Part of the Urban-Organ project with the Gemeinde am Weinberg. 

Golgothakirche, Berlin-Mitte

Reformationstag Gottesdienst. Liturgie: Pf. Dr. Volker Jastrzembski. Musik: Pam Hulme, inc. Buxtehude, and a new Chorale Suite for Organ and Live Looping based on Ein Feste Burg. 

Melody ± Rhythm (UK)

St. Thomas' Church, Heptonstall, Hebden Bridge, UK

Concert for Organ and Live Looping by Pam Hulme: Buxtehude, Bach, Vierne, and Hulme. 

Melody ± Rhythm (Berlin)

Pfingstkirche, Berlin-Friedrchshain

Concert for Organ and Live Looping by Pam Hulme, including works by Buxtehude, Purcell, Stanford, Sumsion, and Hulme. 

Metamorphosis 5

Christ Church, London E14

Urban Organ Performance feat. Alex Watts, Mohan Dhar, Hugo Ezimora

Metamorphosis 4

Sophienkirche, Berlin-Mitte

Week-long outreach project for Sopienkirche, Berlin, with Pam Hulme and Maximilian Schnaus.

Metamorphosis 3

Christ Church, London E14

Urban Organ Performance, inc. Alex Watts, Edweezy & Teko B., and Pam Hulme.

South Bank Centre, London

Presentation - Performance - Q&A

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